Can Aromatherapy Help Your Golf Swing?

Golfers looking to improve their game have something new to think about. A new blend of essential oils that has been touted as being able to improve your golf game without having to practice more. If this sounds like a dream come true for you, read on to see how you may benefit.

If you are skeptical about the effects that essential oils can have on your golf game, consider the amount of evidence that supports the use of certain oils to improve on concentration while reducing anxiety. And what is more anxiety producing then trying to make par when stuck in a sand pit?

A 2009 study on nursing students found that lavender and rosemary oil were extremely helpful for reducing anxiety before taking a test. You could put the same mixture inside of an essential oil diffuser necklace to experience the same effect when you golf. Another soothing oil to try is a fresh citrus scent. You may smell like a cold glass of juice, but your golf swing will certainly thank you for it.

A study in Taiwan was done to check the effects of citrus oil on teachers, showing a significant decrease in both blood pressure and heart rate ten minutes after being administered. Administration was a simple as releasing the scent into the breathing air, a similar experience to what you would find with an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser like these.

So How Will This Affect Your Golf Swing?

The effect on your golf swing will depend on how stress and anxiety works against you personally while playing. If you typically find that you allow stressors to destroy your focus, then an essential oil may be the solution to improving your game.

You should be able to find any of these essential oils in a shop that specializes in natural products. Look for those that have been sourced naturally, are completely organic and high quality. This will make a big difference in how well they work on your body.

If aromatherapy is new to you, it may not be a bad idea to first read more on the subject. Not only do these natural oils help with your golf game, there are some that have significant health benefits. You could relieve the symptoms of a cold, certain skin issues and even depression if you know the right combination of essential oils to use.

When it comes to your golf game, any little bit can help as you already know. If you are not typically a believer in things like aromatherapy, try it anyway as no harm can come from it.

Relax After 18 Holes

Golf CourseSo you planned your day out with your friends. You went over to the largest golf course in your city and after making all the 18 holes of the course, you are in for some rest. Sure, you had a nice lunch and you are probably planning for some dinner outside. But golf is a sport, and as such, it requires you to input some work and energy. If you have been around the whole day, that is a lot of energy invested. At the end of the day you just want to relax and enjoy the chirping of the birds and crickets right before the day dusks down.

Lying on the grass could be an option if you want to risk it getting bitten by ants or bugs or even getting hit by some other golfer’s ball. Let alone getting ridden over by a cart. Our advice to you is to get yourself into the Clubhouse Hammocks and enjoy a great time of relaxation.

Benefits of a Hammock After Golf

One thing about golf is that you spend all that time pretty much standing up. This means that you are on an upright position for a very long time. This adds to your weariness and makes your body demand some rest. The advantage of resting on a hammock is that it provides a natural position for your back bone, without the extra force exerted by a bed. The position your body acquires on a hammock is very natural and pretty soothing to help you recover from tiredness.

The swinging of a hammock also helps to the process of resting. This motion is very likely to put you to sleep, which is, of course, a great way to end a tiring day at the golf course. It is definitively a great way to put your body to a well-deserved rest. Using a hammock to relax after a fun day at the course is pampering your body and providing for the best position your body can have to bring all your systems back to normal function.

Golf is about Relaxing

Enjoy your day at the club putting holes here and there. Laugh, have great fun, practice this fascinating sport, and at the end of the day, recover by getting yourself into the best hammock there is. If you want to get reviews of the best hammocks out there, the ones that will actually help you get the best out of your rest, you should visit Hanging Hammock Reviews.

How to foam roll your way out of muscle pain from golf

If you have wrinkled clothes, you iron them. Think of the exercise foam rollers as the iron for wrinkled muscles. Sometimes, muscles too gets wrinkled by tightness, pain and overstretching and the best way to bring it back to its original looseness is to use cheap foam rollers. Golfers too experience tight muscles and they too can experience the benefits of fitness foam rollers. With proper instructions, its not hard for golfers to adapt to this beneficial workout regimen.

Foam Rollers and Golf

Golf ExercisesThere are a few things that you may not know about golf that is related to fitness foam rollers. Playing golf, just like any other sports can be tiring to the muscles and cause stress to the player. When done for an extended period – and it usually is – this can cause problems like over fatigue. To address this, you can use foam rollers. Here are a few things that relates the two:

  1. The swing just like any form of activity can create micro-tears in the muscles which will result in swelling which can impinge on nerves and vessels. Over and extended period, this can result in scar tissue and adhesion. With the use of foam rollers, this adhesion and scarring can be smoothed out increasing blood circulation in the area.
  2. Even golfers experience pain in the IT band. This is the connective tissue extending from the outside of the hips to the outside of the knee. But since this is not a muscle, it’s not possible to stretch it. The best you can do is massage it with a foam roller.
  3. Most golfers who have experienced the benefits of foam rolling only work out the front part of the quad group. They forget that the quad is actually composed of four muscles. With the use of cheap foam rollers, you can reach out this hard to reach muscles and massage them too.
  4. Golfers also suffer pain in the abductors. These are the muscles in the inner thigh. Some resort to massage but the ticklish feeling in this areas make it less effective. With the use of foam rollers, you can massage this area without feeling tickled since you are the one controlling the pressure.
  5. The swing can also injure the hip external rotators. These are the muscles responsible for turning out your hips. This motion is common in the swing and that’s why you usually feel the pain in the hip area. You can keep this muscle group healthy by a regular massage using the foam rollers.

These are some of the ways a foam roller can be useful to golfers in keeping their muscles loose. Its easy to try and foam rollers are cheap to buy. This simple log of foam can have tremendous benefits and its amazing that its not expensive. Where else can you find a beneficial thing these days at too low a price? Go buy your foam roller now.

Get Rid Golf Course Pests – Use Air Rifles

Each year golf courses are plagued with pests wanting to live and eat out of the area. These annoying animals love to devour and feed on the planted greeneries, destroying the grassy terrain and the overall beauty of the place. In connection to this, when an animal feed on something, they got to poop, right? It is so distressing to have a beautiful drive off the tee, only to find out that your ball has come to rest on a gooey pile of animal poop. It is just so disgusting!

The Techniques

Owners and the management of these golf courses find ways on how to eradicate these pests. Pesticides were once widely used, it is proven to be effective in eliminating pests, but due to health issues related to this, they opted to choose other techniques. Setting up traps is also utilized to catch these pests.

However, this technique is so inhumane because this ends up injuring and even killing these animals. Thus, one effective technique used today that significantly reduces the number of havoc, causing animals is the scaring technique. There are lots of ways to scare these pests some use decoys which are effective with birds, but the use of air rifles is ratified to be effective in frightening almost all kinds of menaces.

The Use of Air Rifles to Get Rid of Pests

The use of air rifles is a technique for scaring or dispersing pests like birds, rabbits, vermin and the like. Some air rifles are loud enough to frighten these animals. The loud sound of a rifle going off, train these menaces to associate sharp, sudden noise with danger and subsequently fear of human. Another way to use this scarring technique is to shoot without necessary aiming on the animal. This will automatically drive them away. In the event that you accidentally hit one of them, air rifles are not strong enough to cause fatal injury, but be cautious, some of the best rifles have the power to put down small or big species. And when pests are numerous and cause grave danger, the need to eradicate them is needed. There is a wide variety of air rifles that are used in this king of pest control, you can check out some of these at Air Rifle Pro.

Final Thought!

Pests are called as such for a lot of reasons, they are annoying creatures that bring destruction to humans. They are harmful to the ecology, economy and of course to human health. Getting rid of them is compulsory to prevent the chaos they may bring.

Relaxation Techniques to Help Improve Your Swing

golfswingA successful golfer needs to be relaxed when out on the green. Tension will upset your swing and cause you to miss your mark every time. It restricts your range of motion and does not allow you take a full swing. If you are having a bad day or an especially stressful week at work, try some relaxation techniques before heading out to shoot 18.


Yoga is used by millions around the world as a way to relax and reconnect with your mind. You don’t need to do any fancy moves, just sitting on the floor cross legged is a good place to start. Close your eyes and draw in a deep breath, raising your arms out until they are parallel to your shoulders. Hold that position for as long as possible and than slowly exhale as you lower your arms. Focus on the air entering and exiting your lungs as you raise and lower your arms, and soon you will feel the tension leaving your body.



Much like yoga, meditation involves a focus on your breathing in order to clear your mind of other matters. Picture troubles in your mind as you inhale, and then watch as they float out of your mind as you let the air out. When you meditate, you focus on cleansing your body of negative thoughts so that you can come to peace and a way to relax.

An Infrared Sauna

Portable infrared saunas provide a unique way to cleanse your mind and body. By using infrared technology instead of hot water and steam, the deep cells of your body are cleansed, removing all toxins and improving your health. At the same time, the relaxation of the mind that a portable infrared sauna provides will help to ease tense muscles and improve on your golf game.

Another Hobby

Not all of your favorite hobbies require focus and drive the way that golf does. Go out on the lake and do some fishing or to the range and practice shooting your rifle. Once you start doing something that you enjoy, you are going to be able to let go of your stress. Once that happens your muscles will relax and your swing will back to normal.


In some cases, it is just a lack of sleep that is holding you back from relaxing. You typically need at least eight hours straight a night in order to stay sharp. If you are not getting that, or it is not a restful sleep, you will lose your concentration and not be able to play the way you should. Cut out caffeine in the evenings and engage in relaxing activities at night in order to get a good nights sleep and improve your golf game.

Practice relaxation techniques often if you want the concentration and focus needed to always have that perfect swing. Golfing may not be as physically challenging as other sports, but you still need to work on it off of the green in order to perfect your game.

Collecting Golf Balls From the Pond

20c6c051aaef9aed_foam-roller-lower-back.xxxlargeThey would risk their lives just to recover a golf ball. Some of them have been bitten by alligators, snakes and snapping turtles in retile infested ponds, but they persevere. Who in his right mind would risk his life for a job like that? Well, maybe you would if you realize that you can make somewhere in the ballpark of $650 to $900 recovering golf balls.

If you are just starting out with this kind of job, it would cost you. Aside from the usual snorkel gear guide and full face snorkel mask, you need to be a licensed scuba diver. A good diver can easily recover somewhere between 3,000 to 9,000 balls a day and it can weight around 80 pounds. This means that the lift can be heavy and you need to have a vehicle to do it for you. You also need to be ready to work on all conditions and that could be a health hazard. If that sounds like too much work, you can also consider using some high-tech methods of ball recovery.


What it’s Like to be a Golf Ball Diver

What’s a man wearing a wetsuit, hood and booties doing in a golf course? You might find it funny but instead of the usual stashes of golf clubs, you can find in his cart a couple of extra scuba tanks, full face snorkel mask and maybe a snorkel gear guide. On top these, you can find in his cart some yellow mesh dive bags some of which are filled with balls while some are empty. This is how it’s like to be a golf ball diver.

When he dives below the surface, the story abruptly changes. Raking through branches and mud, he recovers balls like there’s no tomorrow, picking five to seven balls at a time and filling his mesh bag with it. When he emerges, he would easily have filled each bag with a thousand balls and weighing roughly 70 pounds each. In a single hour, he could earn more than $100 and in a year, $2,500 is a likely earning from a single pond. A lucrative business if you can recover balls.

Ways to Cash In Recovered Golf Balls

If you’re a large scale diver, you might want to consider dealing with wholesalers who would buy as much as 5,000 balls at a time. Most wholesalers would buy between 6 to 12 cents per ball and if you’re a good collector that can easily add up to hundreds of dollars on a daily basis.

If you’re not an unusually fast collector, you might consider retailing your balls on your own. You can either sell it on a plea market or if you have Internet access (who doesn’t these days) you might consider selling them online. If you head over at eBay, you would be surprised at how many are bidding for golf balls. If you want to make more, avoid the ‘buy it now’ option and go for the actual bidding instead.

How to Manage a Reptile Infestation on a Golf Course

foam-roller The perfect view of a golf course makes it appealing to the many golf enthusiasts. Beautifying the area and its close to nature design is the very label of every golf course. Its perfect architectural design and landscape also adds up to its exquisiteness.

With such a design, maintenance is even more essential. Keeping and maintaining the actual nature landscaping design is quite a challenge due to some underlying factors such as the weather and pest and other infestation around the area. Golf course’s irrigation even consumes billions of gallons of water daily.

The use of pesticides and fertilizer on the land can even create threats to the nearest body of water and plantation areas. All these factors are highly considered by all golf course authorities. They need to make sure that they keep their area properly maintained and less hazardous to the environment and the people around.

Managing Reptile Infestation

Have you heard of reptile infestation on golf courses? Although reptiles are mostly carnivorous, some can either be herbivores and carnivores. Just like the bearded dragon, their diets often consists of insects and greens.

Since reptiles often feed on insects, you might even think about using them to reduce the infestation in the area. That’s quite a good idea isn’t it? But you have to make sure that you don’t use a bearded dragon, or else, the greens are all at stake.

Keeping the landscape from getting damaged, often, fertilizers and pesticides are the easiest ways to do it. But for some, other alternative are also used. They use some products and natural elements to make the grass and turf unpalatable to insects and other pests. That’s just keeping them away from the green in a more natural way.

Safe and Accepted

Obviously, the use of harmful chemicals to keep reptiles and other pests from invading the greens on a golf course is very acceptable to the public and not so environmentally-friendly. Thus, going for a safe method is crucial. It is something that the management should think about.

Also, doing regular checkups and maintenance can also be a good way to minimize invasion. If you do constant clearing and checking of the area, there will be no way for pests, insects and reptiles inhabit the area. As long as they know that there’s a threat in the area, they’ll all stay away from it.

You might also need to check on the latest technology to keep pests away. Some are already using and installing devices around the area to irritate and keep pests from coming. There is some latest technological advancement used today, less harmful and easy to accomplish.

The Challenge

The challenge of keeping the golf course clean, protected and very conducive to golfers is the main priority. Yet, pests and reptiles are even more inevitable. Regardless of this, golf courses should focus more on making sure that the maintenance process goes with the environmental standards.

Beat the challenge of managing pests, reptiles and other nuisance on a golf course today and give the golfers the best game ever!

Setting up Your Own Putting Green

Every golf enthusiast dreams of having their own quiet course. For those who are blessed with acreage of land, that is an achievable goal. While you may not have sand traps and water lakes to contend with, you can design a green that is still challenging, right outside your back door.

First you are going to need to survey the land and outline the boundary for your private course. 1 hole should suffice for practice putts, and if you want bigger just come down to the course. Then draw a map of the land surveyed, noting any natural obstacles that you plan to keep, like trees.

This gives you an idea of where to plot your hole. If you try and do this by walking the turf, you will have a hard time in gauging the right distances. But if you plot a map to scale, you can see the entire thing in front of your eyes.


Now that this space has been marked, and you know where the hole will be, you are most likely going to have to rip up the grass. But before you do this, take a few practice swings to make sure that the space is large enough for you.

Once the grass is removed put down a plastic weed barrier and add edging as a border. This will keep the base material for your putting green in place. Will all of this in place you can begin to compact the area so that you can lay out the turf. Don’t forget to make a spot for the hole.

You can create contours in the land to change the difficulty of the shot. If you have enough space consider 2 holes of differing skill levels. Once the turf has been laid it will also need to be compacted one last time before you and your little course are ready to golf.

One thing to think about is your pets. Dogs love these special areas and will have a field day digging up your hard work if you let them. Surround the spot with a wireless pet containment system and they won’t be able to get inside.

First check reviews to find a K9 fence that is being raved about. Once you make the purchase, installation is easy. Simply dig a 3 inch trench around the putting green and lay the wire inside. Each end is attached to a transmitter in your garage, and the dog is equipped with a special collar. Any time they attempt to cross the invisible barrier, a small shock is felt, letting them know that your green is off limits. Check out for more information.

Don’t be surprised when golf buddies start showing up unexpectedly to take their turn at a swing or two. This is a novelty for most golfers and one that will give you great joy for many years.


Is the Green the Only Place to Golf?

If you are as big of a golf fan as most of our club members, there is a good chance you have a practice putter sitting in your office. You may even have one at home. But how about golfing on rough terrain? More golfers are looking for ways off of the green to practice both putting and drives to better their scores. Being off of the controlled environment gives them a different set of skills that can be useful in any type of sticky situation.

Driving Ranges

A controlled environment, a driving range gives you the opportunity to practice your long shots and build strength and control. But you don’t have to stick to a driving range. Although we don’t recommend shooting off of rooftops, you can try going to a local high school football field or a mall parking lot after hours. Just be wary of any windows before you start giving the golf ball all that you got.


Putting can be down anywhere where you have a few feet of space and a plastic cup to act as your hole. Your yard, and local park can be used for this. Going to the beach is another good place to practice putts, especially if you are in need of practice for getting out of sand traps. Depending on the crowds, you can even use the beach to drive at, so long as you don’t mind losing your balls.

The Great Outdoors

Some golfers I know have even figured out ways to take the family vacation and turn it into a golf trip. Major resort areas such as Las Vegas and Orlando have tons of family activities and sightseeing plus world renowned golf courses for you to try when you get a chance to break away from them.

Night-driving-at-Moore-Park-Golf-Driving-RangeCampsites also offer a great setting for golfing. It won’t be pretty green like the one at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, but it will teach you essential golf survival skills. While your family is still inside the Coleman family tent cuddled inside sleeping bags, grab your clubs and hit the woods. Unless you’ve got range balls you’re just teeing up, make sure to bring some navigational aids with you to find your way back to your site after you go get your balls. Trying to drive with so many obstacles helps you to learn how to control the ball. You can even putt here, using natural obstacles as your makeshift holes. Do this before the other campers are getting ready to get up from there tents to avoid accidentally hitting anyone.

Your golf clubs are mobile for a reason. Keep them handy at all times, and look for unique opportunities to get some practice shots in. As you know, golfing is much more then just a leisure sport. It is a serious hobby that some of us like to nurture as much as time and family allows.

Why Does a Golf Ball Have Dimples? And Other Facts About Your Golf Balls

While it may look simple to those who don’t play golf, a golf ball is one of the most precision built pieces of equipment in the sports world. While amateurs may use simple golf balls, those who are serious about the game go for the ones that are more complex. So what makes the difference? Here are a few facts that you may have missed about the design of those little white balls:

What’s With the Dimples?

Early golfers found that balls with irregularities on their surface would actually let it fly higher and further. This led to a craze where practically every inch was indented. Today, manufacturers still work with this theory and try to develop different shaped dimples to see if the ball will perform differently. The early golfers were right though, the more dimples a ball has the further it is going to go. Too many and you are not going to have any control, making the standard range between 300 to 500 dimples per little ball.

golf hole

The Inside

If you look inside of a golf ball using an ultrasound machine, you are going to see one, two or three layers. This is a trick that is taught at ultrasound school to help teach how to identify different substances when they are not soft tissue. Ball manufacturers will use ultrasound technology to make sure that each one is constructed perfectly. There is a lot more to being an ultrasound technician then looking at pregnant bellies all day if you were considering a career move.

One piece balls are very cheap and consist of just a solid piece of surlyn with the dimples etched on the core. This type of ball is only good on driving ranges. A two piece ball is what is used by ordinary golfers as it gives good distance and still has the weight you want.

The three piece balls are for skilled golfers as they have liquid filled core that gives the ball extra spin and better control. The ultrasound picture not only picks out that water filled center it will also show the ultra sound technician elastic windings that surround the core before the dimpled outer layer is applied.


Standard weight for golf balls has changed over the years. What you will find in pro shops now weigh around 45 grams. This weight allows for a good lift when you want it, or a smooth roll when you are getting ready to putt into the hole.

The golf ball you choose is very important to the way you play the game. While your clubs may make in difference in your swing, it is the golf ball that has the last say in where it goes.

There is a lot more to your golf balls than pretty white dimples. These are made with certain specifications to assist you in your game. Don’t take that for granted. When shopping at the pro shop always ask for the right number of layers and dimples. This will ensure that you are below par everytime.