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Northeast nd Court Miami Fla here are some critical reviews about the aparment Such as berithom Date posted A lot of at this apartment currently have lived here for your own year and am without a doubt that I l wind up as extending my lease My hubby and i never want to entrust We enjoy our stay on here The pool is generally immaculate I can soak out by the combine which is rarely ahead of crowded day or nights while my husband is without question soaking on it Really looooove it here!! Fromgwgreenidgegmail Date posted Years together with this apartment After browsing through the reviews I am skeptical about even getting to see the condo properties However when I attended to the leasing work place and was given your current tour I was kind of pleased! Unlike what บ้านมือสองนนทบุรี of the posts asserts Frank the manager is actually very helpful! I essential to to move in very quickly and within days or even had an apartment on standby for me I work until pm and consequently he accomodated delivery delivery staff that were coming daily than the pm movein times during the two or three Everyone from the working staff to the auditoire workers are also genuinely helpfulthey are attentive and / or polite Some of that this areas close by which the apartments are in adaptation and the hour precautions and gates are somewhat reasurring in regards to help you safety The pool and thus volleyball area are forever clean and the locals who are there can be found never roudy or high decibel I havent had likewise much of a task with my neighbors The exact landscaping around the studios make it very more sensible to come home in the market to after a long wedding day at work I really feel very satisfied with how the Design Place Apartments By dianaludvig Date posted Years of age at this apartment The type of common areas are Spotless as well as i would say the swimming pool I enjoy going there and sit back and watch some young people like themselves